History of the shisha

The hookah is a water pipe that allows smoking preparation of tobacco or flavored fruit . The smoke is drawn through a hose and through a vessel filled with water . The water cools the smoke and makes it very soft . Hookah is primarily a source of relaxation and pleasure that enhances human contact. Some hookahs are true works of art and sometimes a strictly decorative.
The hookah consists of several parts: the fireplace, the upper bowl , the body ( or reservoir) , the submerged pipe and hose. Hookah may also have a plateau between the chimney and the upper bowl .

The bowl ( also called the focus ) contains the mixture of tobacco , molasses and fruit essences sometimes called tabamel and coal, which is placed on top . The bowl is raised to the top of the chimney. The body of the hookah is filled with water to half its height , and rose water or other additives for flavoring may be added. The submerged pipe is then placed in the reservoir and connected to the chimney pipe . Tabamel smoke passes through the water and is filtered therein before reaching the smoker's mouth , which sucks in the hose for this purpose . The water is changed regularly to remove residue .
The tabamel used in hookahs is specially designed for this purpose: it has the appearance of a wet paste, about 30% of tobacco compound, which is fermented with about 70% of maassal , honey and pulp different fruits , which are intended to provide smoke flavor and aroma fruité2 . Of tabamels found all tastes : apple cherry , mint to multifruits and even cappuccino or cola3 . The tabamel is heated in the furnace at a temperature of about 450 ° C 4.2 .

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