How to prepare a hookah?

Smoking a shisha requires a little investment of time and preparation is not necessarily obvious without a minimum of explanation.

In addition, how chicha is prepared can greatly influence the outcome . There are several variations to that is presented in this guide. If you repectez well the steps and your hardware works, you should be able to smoke a shisha with a very good thick smoke.

1 Rally equipment shisha

To properly prepare your hookah you'll need:

a complete hookah with pliers
an object to prick ( eg toothpick )
possibly wet cellophane or paper if you do not seal your hookah

2 Fill the hookah vase

Fill your tank with water . The end of the column must be submerged at least 3 cm and the vessel should not be overfilled otherwise water may enter the pipe. The water level in the vessel then depends each hookah but typically the 2/3 of the vase. The more you put your water and more dense smoke will be up to you to find the right balance .

3 Installation of the hookah

Then assemble the different parts of your shisha by simply keeping your sleeve (head) aside. Ensure that the assembly is sealed , and be sure to test it . To do this sucked where the pipe is put , you must have a "resistance " and bubbles.

4 Filling the sleeve

Here's why it was easier to keep the sleeve side , it is easier to complete on a table that arms outstretched at the top of your hookah . Crumble the tobacco and do not pack too . It should be " ventilated " if the air does not pass and you can not shoot. It is not necessary to fill the socket brim , if not of the tobacco would not be consumed.

5 Installation of aluminum

Then place a square of much wider than the socket on it with aluminum foil. Make sure it is tight enough to prevent tobacco is not directly in contact with aluminum , otherwise the smoke will have a taste of coal and unpleasant. Fold the aluminum around the bush leaving no air leakage. You can optionally make a " barrier to prevent the coal from falling.

Note that some shisha smokers do not put aluminum. This may depend on the type of coal used, but this is not advisable . Your smoke will taste and coal will cough and hookah will last considerably longer.

6 holes in aluminum

Then make some holes in the aluminum so that air can pass . Your hole should be the size of a tooth and fairly spaced cure , but for maximum comfort and durability , made more but much smaller .

7 Ignition Coal

Your hookah is almost ready , it only remains to put coal for combustion of tobacco. If you have self- lighting charcoal , just to spend a few seconds in the flame of the lighter. It is advisable to do outside or near a window as the smell from the burning of self- lighting layer is often very unpleasant. If you have special natural charcoal for shisha you can turn by placing them on a hot plate or in a flame stove . It usually takes 2 or 3 minutes on a hot plate .

8 It's ready!

It only remains for you to enjoy smoking this hookah . Little advice to better feel the taste of tobacco : put your tongue in the path of the smoke.

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