How to Clean a Shisha ?

As you have probably noticed , a hookah is dirty very quickly. It would be best to clean it after each use. This will eventually take you 10min.

The home must be cleaned each time as having residues taste of shisha to another. At first , empty the tobacco being careful because it can be hot. Then rinse with warm water home to remove dirt and roughly remove all residue of tobacco. You can use a rod ( toothpick finger, cotton swab ... ) or the pressure of the water. Finally rub your home with dishwashing liquid . Finally the dry and must not remain any residue even where the body is nested .

The second manipulation involves blowing into the pipe or pipes to the removal of any particles and smoke they might still contain . For hygiene , clean (or even disinfect ) the end if you do not tip used .

Finally, drain the water from the vase that has a very disagreeable odor. It is highly recommended that you rinse the vase and change the water every time. Finally, if you have finished smoking , remove the body of the hookah water , blow to empty and wipe to avoid possible oxidation (rust) .

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